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Artificial Intelligence generated artistic imagery.

These images likely will have flaws unless corrected by a human (with or without the assistance of AI) somewhere down the line.

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Horses, dogs, cats and other cute, wicked, furry or scaly non-humanoid creatures.

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Highlighting buildings, structures, infrastructure, corbels or other detail shots.

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Art Art

Abstract, AI Art, Caricatures, Dark Art, Futuristic /Sci-Fi Art, Graphics, Illustrations, Portaits, Scenery, Sculpture

Digital public domain, freeware, shareware & commercial artworks (photos & scans of artworks paintings & sculptures), not necessarily by masters.

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Augustana University. Previously Augustana College (when I went there). Located at 2101 S. Summit Avenue in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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Scenery, Sky

Seamless repeating tile backgrounds for websites, apps & presentations. Backdrop images for green screens. Also: Picture borders & frames.

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Cartoon style illustrations, AI genereations, drawings and 3D...

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Halloween and Day of the Dead Decor. Sugar Skulls, Horror, and Darker Abstract Art.

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Futuristic scenes, science fiction, and photography brought back from the future by time travelers.
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Backgrounds, Backdrops, Borders & Frames, Icons, Avatars & Stickers, Sky, Typography

Graphic arts, icons, frames, banner backgrounds, textures, bump maps, text effects. Graphic designs to enhance content or experience.

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Vector drawn characters & scenes, coloring book pages, line art, contour line drawings, and sketches. Pencil, charcoal, crayon or pen & ink media illustrative art. Not necessarily masterpiece artworks, though such works are highly encouraged.

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Memes: Funny, Political, Inspirational or Social.
Infographics: Informational, DIY How-To or Explanitory.
Quotes: Funny, Inspirational or Informational.

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Individual portrait photos (model releases required for photography) and artificial intelligence generated portrait concept art. Images do not not necessarily have to be in a portrait orientation.

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Landscapes, beautiful get-a-ways, and/or travel destinations. Wilderness vistas, woodlands, wetlands, oceanic views, beaches, deserts.

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Sky Sky

Skies, clouds, beautiful sunsets, (minimal earthen scenery, if any). Skies for backdrops and greensceens, etc., included. Moon shots or astral photography.

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PD & Freeware promotional posters, protest signs, slogans, & generic signage primarily created with typography, lettering and/or calligraphy.

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