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Created between 1513 and 1515 by Italian renaissance master Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (more often referred to as simply Michelangelo, born 1475 and died 1564). This bronze cast of the original marble sculpture was given to Augustana College (now 'Augustana University') and the City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota by Thomas L. and Marie L. Fawick.

The Fawicks commissioned noted sculptor Felix W. DeWeldon to create the work in concert with the Italian government in Rome, Italy during 1967 and 1969.

Original Image: 12MP 4:3 (4032 x 3024) 5.62 MB JPEG file format photo taken on 10-25-2019 with a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


Augustana University

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota
United States
Phone Number +1-605-277-8787
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